We believe in:

The textiles industry is the 2nd most polluting industry on our planet. And as a designer, it is my duty to make sure that my brand doesn’t contribute, or closes it’s eyes on a matter that we all need to act upon.

As part of this, I have made some changes and written this text to explain to you what this brand will be doing in order to leave a very small footprint and reduce wastage, pollution, and non-eco friendly behaviours. 

As a textiles designer, with products specialised in digital practices, I have the power to:

  • Design prints that will, once made into homeware, avoid any wastage. 

This means that all cushions covers are zero waste products. I can print and order the specific surface and amount which will include the cutting and stitching areas without throwing anything in the bin. 

  • All items are made in the UK.

Making our products in the UK ensures that no country, or no people suffer from the use of non-restricted, or non-regulated chemicals, and more. This also means that no fabric is travelling in the air, or polluting prior to sending.

  • All items are made to order.

Made-to-order comes at a price, but so does bulk orders. Making to order prevents the making of products that are not loved or used. And reduces the stress that we put on our planet and environment. The cost may be slightly higher, but you will be doing something great for the environment. 

This is also why we offer the possibility of adapting colours on prints for a slightly higher cost, so that it can match perfectly your interior, without you having to browse and not find exactly what you are looking for and encouraging you to buy more. 

  • Suppliers

We are making sure that all our suppliers share the same ethics as we do. We work alongside environmental friendly, sustainable companies that share our values, and the will to reduce wastage.
It is very important for us to have small businesses, companies et local suppliers help us with this.